Seattle to San Francisco Bike Ride

Throwback to Summer 2018

This bike ride happened in the summer of 2018 right before I started this blog. At the time, I posted daily on Facebook and I finally got around to collecting all those photos and commentary in one spot. During my 18 days of riding, I met only one other solo woman rider who was doing a much shorter trip and one group of women doing the ride. These rides are both extremely intense and also stunningly beautiful. I learned so much about how to align my body and my mind in really challenging conditions and still find space to laugh and love and appreciate. To track my progress and cheer me up along the way, my friend Glen made an animation of my daily progress:

Day 1: Seattle to Potlatch State Park

Ferry ride! Annoying flat until I finally removed the cause. Shoutout to Leo in Gorst who hooked me up with some shade and company while I fixed it. 37 miles. 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 2: Potlatch State Park to Twin Harbors State Park

Unfinished nuclear power plant, delicious smoothie, pick-your-own blackberries, a deer in my bike lane, and some really dirty roads. Made up my own route today but let’s say 78 miles.(Way too much for my second day, but I’m still moving.) 🚴#seattletosf

Day 3: Twin Harbors State Park to Bay Center

Started the day biking into Westport for breakfast. Lots of views of bays, rivers and estuaries. Some cool iron sculptures in Raymond. Don’t get in a fight with blackberries, they will win, I have the scratches to prove it. 60 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 4: Bay Center, WA to Seaside, OR

The scary, mean Astoria bridge into Oregon is really as bad as everyone said it was. After four miles and a huge climb, my bike jacket was soaked with the sweat of exhaustion and fear. So happy to make it into Oregon, where there seem to be slightly better shoulders, but a lot more traffic. Seaside has an awesome aquarium and beautiful ocean views. 52 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 5: Seaside to Cape Lookout

Scary tunnel. Lots of hills. Nice views of Haystack Rocks. (Remember these from the Goonies?) Delicious ice cream dinner courtesy of Tillamook Creamery. I’m going to sleep well tonight. 61 miles. 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 6: Cape Lookout to Beverly State Beach

2800 ft of elevation gain but some beautiful ocean views. The worst gallo pinto I’ve ever eaten. Oregon State Parks still has the best hot, free showers. 62 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 7: Beverly State Park to Honeyman State Park

Walked over one bridge, rode through a bunch more. Saw sea lions and pitcher plants and apparently famous lighthouses. Also that mile marker shows that I’m officially over half way through Oregon! 61 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 8: Honeyman State Park to Sunset Bay State Park

Woke up in the Oregon Dunes and set out on a day of taking care of business. Fortunately, not too hilly. I did decide to walk the crazy Coos Bay Bridge and had a totally acceptable veggie burger at BK for dinner. 56 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 9: Sunset Bay State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park

Climbed the Seven Devils in the fog. Ate a giant pizza for lunch because my dad told me yesterday I needed to eat more. 🍕 The last few miles were absolutely stunning views of the ocean. 57 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 10: Humbug Mountain State Park to Brookings

Another foggy morning commute. Short day with a giant hill in the middle. Got a hotel tonight so I could do laundry, eat delicious Thai food, and generally feel refreshed again. California is only 6 miles away! 50 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 11: Brookings to Elk Prairie Campground

Woo hoo! I made it to California. Went through the Easter Lily capital of the US. Then biked a huge hill and my reward was this awesome photo with Babe the Blue Ox. There are elk and laundry happening in my beautiful redwoods campsite tonight. 63 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 12: Elk Prairie to Eureka

Today was supposed to be easy, but riding on the 101, and then crazy gravel roads off the freeway really took its toll. Curses were muttered, tears were shed, but I made it. Pretty scenery in some parts though. 😊 53 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 13: Eureka to Burlington Campground

Followed some beautiful bike trails to some beautiful rural roads (and Victorian gingerbread houses) and ended in the amazing Avenue of the Giants. Definitely one of the nicer biking days of this trip so far. 56 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 14: Burlington Campground to Standish-Hickey State Park

Redwoods are beautiful and shaded to bike through. Being away from the coast is really hot, so hot I had to have a milkshake. 😊 Best part of the day was hanging out on the Eel River in inner tubes with Enrique and Glen. ❤ 47 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 15: Standish-Hickey State Park to Van Damme State Park

Hardest part of today was saying goodbye to my friends this morning after they made me the best breakfast I’ve eaten on trail. Went over the nefarious Leggett Hill (1950 ft) and then the rest of the day was chilly, cold, foggy riding on Hwy 1. I miss the warmth. 55 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 16: Van Damme State Park to Gualala Point Regional Park

Beautiful scenic views on rolling hills all day long with no fog. 49 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 17: Gualala Point Regional Park to Tomales

Started off from a beautiful campsite next to the Gualala River. Midday stop to see the first Russian settlement in California. Lots of elevation but I made it. One more day! 64 miles 🚴 #seattletosf

Day 18: Tomales to HOME!

Peaceful morning next to Tomales Bay. Took this beautiful bike trail across Marin before crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge without crashing into any tourists. Probably the fastest bike day of the whole trip. So happy to be home! 58 miles 🚴 #seattletosf