The Big 60

Last time I found myself writing for this abandoned little travel journal, I was on an adventure to see number 50, of our great United States. So it seems appropriate that I make my not so triumpahnt return to writing wiith another big milestone- 60.

In case you’re confused, we didn’t add ten more states (that I know of). However, my mother (you know, the only person that I think actually reads this crap that I write) had a pretty big birthday a few weeks ago, and to celebrate her 60th year of life, I put my bossy pants on, and decided we needed to take a trip to London (and a quick stint in Paris). So here I sit at the  United Club, sipping on my vodka soda, waiting for my flight (and per my mothers instructions, trying to not fall down, like I famously did before).

I am an excellent traveler, and a superb vacation planner. However, I am also bossy, have demanding sleep habits (I wake up very early, and due to my narcolepsy, can and will fall asleep anywhere), and tend to want to stick to my itinerary. Basically, I’m selfish (no surprise there). So this trip should be interesting, as I generally prefer to travel alone. The good news, is that I did research on how much it costs to transport a dead body back from Europe to the US, and it STARTS around $20,000, so the chances of us actually killing each other are slim, because there’s no way I’m forking over twenty grand to move a body.

So that’s it. We’re officialy off to jolly old England.  My plan is to update this every other day, but knowing me, I’ll do a great job the first 4 days and then completely disappear. Be prepared for tales of teaching my mom tinder, tea time with the duchess and princess, and getting myself into naughty mischief. See you on the other side of the pond!


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