I’m expecting.

You read that correctly.

I’ve been keeping this secret for almost a month now. I’m expecting… to really miss the Lone Star state.

What? Y’all should know by now that I would never be “expecting“.

I’ve been offered (and accepted) a position with a medical device company. And that offer includes moving away from the land of my people. And far away from real Mexican food.

First I’ll be moving to Boston, Massachusetts for about a month. Then it’s looking like I will either mosey over to Salt Lake City, Utah or Seattle, Washington. We’ll see where the wind takes me after that.

Wanna know something crazy? Except for a man that I met at a Nude Bike Parade in Seattle this summer (this is a true story), I don’t know a single person in either SLC or Seattle.

That really excites me.

I’m going to miss everyone in Houston (minus a few crazy ex-boyfriends), as it has been my home for the past 7 years and I’ve grown to love so many special people here. And not that anyone is going to miss my zany antics, but just in case, I’ll be back every other weekend until the Chevron Houston Marathon (I signed up for races and there is no way I’ll skip them).

Any advice for when #AverySecedesFromTheSouth ?

Adios Tejas

Saying adios to Tejas!


2 thoughts on “I’m expecting.

  1. I’m so proud of you. And well, you know I adore you. So let this sob story end there. Don’t be a stranger. Oh and I’ve never been to Seattle. Hostess to the mostess? Don’t say yes, I’m coming anyway!

    • I would love to host you anywhere Tera! I may need advice from you on how to handle the cold (something tells me that my pea-coats from Nordstrom aren’t going to cut it).

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