Running Buddy

If you’ve ever run further than, I dunno, say around the block, you know that it’s helpful to have a running buddy (or two) to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Especially if you are training for a longer race.

This is the twisted story of how I obtained my running buddy for the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon.

Last year, I went to go visit my brother Preston at his mountain home in Colorado.  I don’t remember exactly what we were doing (I think we might have been rock climbing, or something that I was really not good at), but I came up with this wacky idea that I wanted Preston to run a marathon with me.

A little background on my little younger brother- he is 6’2″ and 98% muscle (I’m 5’11” and 2% muscle). He volunteers multiple hours a week rescuing people off the sides of mountains, or when they get lost in the wilderness. Remember the floods that happened in September? When the national guard couldn’t get to people, they called my brother’s team to save them, because they are the experts in swift water rescue in Colorado. I’ve never seen Preston try something and not be exceptional at it. He is handsome and incredibly smart. He gets along with everyone and is hilarious and quirky. Basically, every good gene that my parents possessed, was given to him (which is a pretty decent explanation of how I turned out to be so medicore).


Here we are together, right after I challenged him to a swimming competition (because I’m actually an excellent swimmer). But of course, he won. In my defense, it was close.

So what was I thinking, begging him to run a marathon with me?

I was thinking that he HATES to run.

And maybe, just maybe, this would be the thing that I was better at doing.

So I suggested that he run a Turkey Trot  with me.

His response?



Perplexed, I came at it a different way. I suggested we make a wager. If he would run a marathon with me, then I would climb a 14,000 ft mountain (better known as a Fourteener) with him. Surprisingly, he agreed to it (and for what it’s worth, his first race ever was that Turkey Trot, [that he ran in someone else’s shoes because he forgot his], and he came in like 10th place, further proving that he is seriously good at everything).

And that’s the story of how I got my running buddy for the Chevron Houston Marathon. We’re doing training runs together across the country, and encouraging each other via texts and the “challenge” section of the Nike+ training app. This will be his first time in Houston and I am thrilled that he’ll get to see so much of the city I love, by running it.

A funny thing happened after Preston was accepted into the Chevron Houston Marathon lottery. He went and bought REAL running shoes. And he started running (up mountains, because that’s totally normal, right?). And then HE started sending ME links to other races we could run together. Turns out, Preston has learned to love running. Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll guest blog one day about his experience thus far (hint, hint).

And in case you’re wondering, he is 100% going to kick my ass. Even my biggest fan (our mom) agrees.

Do you have any training suggestions for Preston’s first big race?  Who do you think is going to win between the Burns siblings (vote in our poll below!)?



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