I’m running for _________.

It’s no secret that I can often be found doing different forms running.

Running off the 4 cupcakes I wolfed down after lunch. What? I was still hungry. 

Running this town. With some help from my boy Jay-Z, naturally.

Running my mouth. Don’t even get my mother started.

The obvious next step, was to run for public office.

Just kidding (that would be disastrous).

But, with all that running going on, I thought it would be sadistic fun to run my 5th (FIFTH!) marathon in Houston on January 19th of 2014.

Here’s a little backstory for you- In 2013, three days before I was supposed to run the Chevron Houston Marathon, I suffered from a horrible injury called a “displaced lisfranc“.  I believe that’s French for “ouch, I can’t walk”. I ended up watching the Aramco Half Marathon from the sidelines, and cheered on my 3 best friends as they ran a very wet and cold race.


I made signs for them. Because that’s what friends do.


I’m the blonde on the far right that looks like maybe she had a little too much champagne fun at 7am screaming for her friends. Thus, the blue solo cup.

And even though I didn’t get to run, I had the best time seeing my friends achieve their goals. And did I mention there was champagne?

So this year, I’m back, with the vengeance of a love scorned blonde. And as an added bonus, I’ve been picked by THE Chevron Houston Marathon to be an ambassador for them (they clearly have never read my tweets, otherwise they might have picked someone with far superior writing skills [and if we’re being reallyyyyy honest, better running skills too]). I am so thrilled to be part of this inaugural program, and it was the perfect swift kick in my way too tight running pants to get me motivated to train.

If you’d like to be part of my adventure (minus the blisters, early morning training runs, and nasty sweat stains), you can come back here every couple of days, follow me on twitter (handle: @Aecobun), or check out my Instagram (username Aecobun).  I’m sure you’ll find some  humor in the suffering that is marathon training.

And leave a comment below, I can use all the training support I can get. . .but more on that in a later post.



7 thoughts on “I’m running for _________.

  1. This is so exciting! Looking forward to following your journey and will support you 100%!! (except I’ll only join you on runs that are 4 miles or less 😃)

  2. I am so proud of you. You never stop amazing me! You are running towards great things. I look forward to the journey. I love you.

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